Jeremiah Grisdale of Middle Fell Place, Great Langdale

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Lake District
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This is the third short pictorial sketch of one line of Matterdale Grisdales who farmed around Windermere and in Langdale in the nineteenth century. The previous two concerned Jeremiah Grisdale’s farther John (see here) and grandfather Joseph (see here). Here I’ll show some pictures of the Langdale sheep farm called Middle Fell Place. Jeremiah Grisdale, whose name morphed later on to Grisedale, was the tenant farmer at Middle Fell Place from about 1887 to his death there in 1920.

Middle Fell Place, Langdale

Middle Fell Place, Langdale

Jeremiah was born in 1851 at his father John’s Langdale sheep farm called Stool End; he was the last of seven children of John and his wife Ann Airey. He probably stayed working with his father until he was twenty-one when he married local Langdale farmer’s daughter Jane Gillbanks Clark in 1872. Like his father and grandfather before him, Jeremiah now started work as an agricultural labourer before he could get the tenancy of his own farm.

Knott House farm, Grasmere

Knott House farm, Grasmere

Over the next about fifteen years Jeremiah worked at Knott House farm near Grasmere (he might have worked elsewhere as well). Knott House farm was right next door to ‘Winterseeds’ to where his father and mother had retired in the 1870s, so they would still have been close. At Knott House Jeremiah and Jane had five children before they got the tenancy of Middle fell Place in Great Langdale in about 1887, four more children were to be born at Middle Fell.

When Jeremiah’s grandson Ernest Grisedale (the E had now been permanently added) was interviewed in Vancouver in Canada in 1980 he said: ‘My grandfather had a big sheep ranch in a place called Langdale’, this was Middle Fell Place. Ernest was the son of Jeremiah’s son Jeremiah and had attended Grasmere school before his family emigrated to Vancouver in 1913.

middle fell by simon whitfield

Middle Fell by Simon Whitfield

John died at Middle Fell Place in 1920 and his wife was still there when she died in 1931.

All the following images are of Middle fell Place.

middle fell map 1770



middle fell 4



mid fell dogs eating great langdale


mid fell geese and chickens

Middle Fell Farm  Langdale

middle fell place


middle fell 5

middle fell 3

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