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Walter Grisdale was a famous actor in both Britain and New York. He was born in 1823 in London the son of Thomas Grisdale (1773-1852) and his second wife Sarah Barker. Thomas came from Greystoke Cumbria and was the brother of the famous Levi Grisdale I wrote about in the previous blog.

Walter was his stage name, he was born and christened Solomon Grisdale. Starting in around 1840 he became a ‘tragedian’ and toured extensively in the north of England and in London. After a first marriage to Elizabeth Sweetson in York in 1852 he movd to New York in 1867 and married Caroline Carman (‘Miss Carman’) a famous member of Wallack’s Theatre Company. After an extensive acting career in New York Walter and Caroline came back to London in 1871 and Walter continued to tour. He died on February 15th 1883 in Scotland.