Walter Grisdale – 19th Century Actor

Posted: March 18, 2012 in C19th, Cumbria, Grisdale
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Walter Grisdale was a famous actor in both Britain and New York. He was born in 1823 in London the son of Thomas Grisdale (1773-1852) and his second wife Sarah Barker. Thomas came from Greystoke Cumbria and was the brother of the famous Levi Grisdale I wrote about in the previous blog.

Walter was his stage name, he was born and christened Solomon Grisdale. Starting in around 1840 he became a ‘tragedian’ and toured extensively in the north of England and in London. After a first marriage to Elizabeth Sweetson in York in 1852 he movd to New York in 1867 and married Caroline Carman (‘Miss Carman’) a famous member of Wallack’s Theatre Company. After an extensive acting career in New York Walter and Caroline came back to London in 1871 and Walter continued to tour. He died on February 15th 1883 in Scotland.

  1. Thank you, Stephen, for a Very very interesting article, not only the information in the article, but the fact that my family “Grisdale” came from Penrith, Kirky Stephen, Kendal, Lancaster and my gr. gr. grandfather William had an older brother named Solomon Grisdale.

    My gr. gr. grandfather was William Grisedale (christened Thomas Gris(E)dale in Lancaster in 1798. jHis father was Thomas, a shoemaker from Penrith married to Jane Dixon of Penrith. Thomas Grisdale, the shoemaker, his father was William Grisdale.

    (Thomas) William born 1798 was a Master Joiner and he married Hannah Butterworth in 1821 in Penrith. His children were Jane (died), Jane, Betsy, Thomas (died young), and William (my gr. grandfather) William married in 1852 to Mary Ann Robson of Ainstable. William was also a Master Joiner. Their children were John Robson Grisdale (joiner), William (joiner), Thomas b. 1862 (my grandfather) an agricultural drainer, who lived in Calthwaite, Cumbria when raising the family, George, Charles Jefferson, Levi, and Mary Alice b. 1874.

    Thomas (my grandfather ) married Annie Mary Elizabeth Donovan born in High Ireby, Cumbria. Their children were James, Levi, Margaret and my father Thomas William b. 1899, who worked for Carr’s Biscuits as a District Sales Mananger after WW1..

    Lots more details of this Grisdale family. Would love to hear from anyone who is connected.
    Rene Grisedale Smith
    North Carolina, USA

  2. […] New York one of the actors who was a regular member of his Theatre Group in the 1860s was a certain Walter Grisdale, about whom I wrote briefly on the site. Walter’s great great grandfather, Joseph Grisdale, was […]

  3. […] little about Solomon’s grandson Solomon who took the stage-name Walter and became a famous actor (see here). I’d now like to turn our attention to son Simeon and his son and grandson, both called Simeon […]

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